The impact of Weed on Women’s Wellness

For a lot of cannabis users, most of the time you don’t think about the demographics. But it was found that women are actually a part of up to 80% of the consumers in our current economy for weed today, which means that more and more women are looking at how they’re using their money, and using that ability to buy cannabis, and it’s good for not just recreational, but also treatment for different health problems too. 

Most know weed helps with sleeping better, reducing stress, along with anxiety and [pain, but did you know it can help women specifically with different conditions that affect them? let’s dive in to see just what cannabis can do for women’s health. 

Postpartum Depression 

This is a form of depression that happens after a woman has a child. It’s not cute and glamorous, but instead it’s something that’s not diagnosed very much. It results in depression, feeling sad, outbursts, anger, and even issues with sleeping and eating after a woman has birth. This isn’t just affecting the health of a mom, but the child too. 

But with cannabis, you can reduce these symptoms. Whether it’s CBD or THC, there are products out there that help a woman get better rest, and even helps to reduce depression and anxiety in some cases. Tinctures, gummies, and flower is something that can help you with postpartum depression, and also cannabis treatments. 


For a lot of women, menstrual cramps are not fun. They can be so debilitating that it affects your going to work, school, or doing anything, and it’s not fun, since it can cause you to not want to do anything. It can be even worse for those who have endometriosis or PCOS in terms of dealing with the pain. while you can cope with this through a heating pad and drinking a cup of tea, cannabis is another solution to this. 

According to some studies, it was found that THC actually is twenty times better in terms of anti-inflammatory compounds than the aspirin that’s there. Cannabis also doesn’t come with the same side effects that you may get when you take aspirin. There are some great options out there including tinctures, vaping the cannabis, or just smoking in general, since it’s good for PMS symptoms that are wreaking havoc on your body. 

Aphrodisiac properties 

Pomegranate juice, oysters, and all of those other so-called “aphrodisiacs are old hat, when instead, you’ve got cannabis that is actually better for your sex life. According to a study from the Journal of Medicine, they discovered that it actually does increase tour sex life by about 20% than those who don’t have it. 

It can uplift your rood, give you serious confidence, and also make you more excited for the activity. It also is great for those who want to have sex but are lacking in the sex drive area. It’s also good for those struggling with conception, since it usually stresses them out, and with this, you’ll be able to have some great effects that are positive and wholesome. 

Women also get a bit higher as well and a lot quicker than guys do. According to studies done, it was discovered that when they tested THC compounds on rats for an experiment, the female rats had a much smaller tolerance to the compounds in it compared to the male rats. What this means, is women don’t need as much to get the effects of this. While this is good, always take precautions with this, and also factor in weight, height, and how long you’ve been using cannabis products.

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