The Easiest Strains for Beginner Growers to try

If you’ve been curious about growing cannabis, you’re not alone.  It’s important to understand though that not every strain has the same difficulty as others. It’s important to note this, since sme are more fragile, and require you to be mindful of mold, water intake, and even sunlight. Others are a lot more beginner-friendly in concept. In this, we’ll go over some of the best beginner growing cannabis strains for you to try out, especially if you want to take a stab at doing this. 

Blue Dream 

This is a widely popular strain and it’s one that’s great for those who are enthusiasts. This is a mix of Haze and blueberry, which are tow very well known strains in the cannabis world. It grows big, has pretty high yields, and the roots are sativa mostly. It also is best grown with scrobs, a PVC pipe that is able to hold the plant up. For newbies, this is something that is good if you’re the type to forget to water your plants. It also grows well in both outdoor and indoor environments, and this is great for cannabis plants which are thriving. 

Wedding cake 

While you probably think it’s that treat you get when someone gets married, it’s actually a really popular strain. It’s basically a cookies mixed with indica dominant strains, and it has a stout and short texture to this. You do get quality amounts of yields, and this is something that easy to manage, provided you prune to reduce the mold. It should definitely be a tasty treat. 

It is called this because of the trichomes that create a frost texture at the top, and it smells good too, a vanilla, citrus taste that’s similar to a glaze, and it’s something that’s appealing to many people.  It may be  little harder than Blue Dream, but it’s totally worth everything. 

Super Lemon  Haze

This is a strain that’s similar to lemons, and it’s also go ta bit of a sweet taste too. This is something that is combined from the Super Silver Haze, and the Lemon Skunk strains, both of which help to create a sweet, almost bitter taste. Because this is something that’s very sativa-focused, it’s better if you have this in a warm area that has a little bit of humidity. It’s still one of the most versatile strains though, and it grows in a ton of settings. 

It’s low-maintenance when it comes to the attention of this, but it does need room to grow in most cases. You can try scrogging to help control the height of this. Don’t let it get harvested immediately though, since it takes about nine weeks for it to reach the true flowering, and this is another sing it’s sativa in focus. 

GMO Cookies 

This is another odd strain, and it’s pretty much got some interesting scents to it. Cookies and garlic. This is one that has some other unique features too including buds that are a light green with little hairs that are orange, it’s sticky and dense, has a much larger yield, and the trichomes are some of the best for hash pressing. 

This is also good for both outdoor and indoor growing, but it’s important to ensure that you’re patient when you grow this, since it can take up to 10 weeks for flowering to be ready for it to get harvested. It’s got a great, unique flavor and some of the best highs out there. These strains are great for those who are interested in growing cannabis strains to use.

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