CBD for seasonal Affective Disorder

While the holidays are supposed to be a time of merriment, for some people, it makes them feel the opposite. While the wintertime is a positive time, some people just feel very sad when the wintertime comes and summer is gone. This is SAD, a condition that CBD can help with. 

What is It? 

Daily Cbd Oil

This is more than just feeling a little bit sad. It makes you sluggish, tired, and it just makes you feel gloomy. This is usually due to less daylight, and the sun is usually already long gone before we get home from work. It’s a condition that just makes us all feel off, and it can affect others in different ways. 

Some of the way include: 

  • major decrease in energy 
  • Withdrawal 
  • Gaining weight 
  • Carb cravings 
  • Less motivation 
  • Sleeping a lot longer than usual
  • Feeling sad suddenly and from nowhere 
  • Struggling with sleeping or staying asleep 

While this isn’t the total list, if you read this and think that’s you, don’t fret! You’re not alone here, and one of the best things that you can take to help with this isn’t antidepressants, but rather, CBD. 

Why CBD and Cannabis 

Anxiety, depression, and the like is attributed to lower dopamine and serotonin levels within our brains. When we have too few of these, we feel disconnected, sad, and it completely ruins our mood. Serotonin and dopamine play a larger role as well in making sure that our mood is regulated. This is something that CBD actually has, something that helps to build our dopamine and serotonin levels, which also helps with the interaction of the body and the endocrine system. 

The best types that you should use for this are those that have a ton of CBD. Whether it’s CBD only or those with a little bit of THC, you’ll get some great effects.  Products without the inclusion of THC also will not give you psychedelic responses, and this is something that you should factor in, just in case you’re trying to use compounds that make you feel good, without feeling high either. 

For long-term relief, you should use capsules or oils that you take in your mouth. Put it under your tongue, let it sit, and usually, you’ll feel it within the hour, and it can last up to 12 hours in some cases. For relief that’s instant though, CBD flower is the best to have. You can vape or smoke it, and the effects will work in just a few minutes, making you feel great, and also a lot better as well. 

The best products 

There are some products that work better than others when tackling SAD effects with CBD. Tinctures are really good because it lets you ingest it without having to wait like you would with edibles, and also doesn’t require inhalation like you might get with vaping and smoking. Plus, what’s cool is you can add this to your favorite foods to help boost your mood. 

There are great tinctures that are good for those who suffer from anxiety and want to use cannabis for that. The other good thing to consider is gummy edibles. These taste wonderful, are discreet because they look like fruit gummies, and they offer a delicious, powerful flavor that make you feel good. 

You can even get these in vegan forms now, and also has a lot of variants with a lot more THC than CBD, which means that it won’t make you feel like you’re high, but instead, you can get it in a way that lets you get some great benefits from this. 

Using Cannabis Flower 

Since there was the legalization of medical cannabis, here is a lot of different ways to use this, including different dosage, other forms of cannabis. Flower buds are something that’s the most popular and is something that’s been around since black market cannabis smoking. Most people don’t realize that the different dosage and ways to take marijuana are quite the same as marijuana flower. You can get flower from pretty much any dispensary, but here, we’ll discuss a little bit about smoking cannabis. 

How to Use flower 

The best way to use flower is through smoking, or vaping, which basically heats this up, creates either a smoke or vapor, and then, you inhale it to get almost immediate effects. 

Any Smoking concerns? 

It’s something that is actually legal, but there is some concerns on the possible effects of smoking period. While it doesn’t cause as much harm as tobacco and the like, there are some concerns about the health of smoking this, and also smoking it period. 

Some did find that it can cause more bronchitis especially in those that smoke, since the combustion of the buds actually is responsible for some of the toxic substances getting released and it can impact the function of the lungs and your respiratory system. 

While it’s possible that you may get some effects associated with smoking secondhand, most people may not like it because it’s a little bit offensive. It also does allow the ingredients that are active to come out when the person smokes marijuana, so it’s not just the flower but everything else this can make it hard to figure out the standard dosage, and if you’re looking to utilize marijuana for reasons that are therapeutic, you should know that the right dosage is the best way to do it, and to keep with that same dosage. If you use and vape the flower quite a bit, you need to consider safety, and it’s something that some people should consider wen looking at cannabis consumption. 

The best Vaporizer 

There are a ton of different vaporizer and smoking mediums. You’ve got your regular cannabis pipe and joints but vaporizers are something that have different kinds of constructions for different reasons. If you want to use dry buds, consider dry herb vaporizers for this, since they’re portable, and offer features such as temperature control that’s really good for this. 

You can also get stationary ones, which you have to plug in, and it comes with a hose or balloon to inhale the vapors from this. You can also get ones that offer a ton of temperature control reasons, but you should get one of these if you’re someone who is traveling a lot and you can’t have your vape otherwise. 

The best Strains 

The best way to choose strains is to look at the different marijuana types. You’ve got indica, you’ve got sativa, both of which contain high THC and CBD levels, and usually, most of the dispensaries will have both indica and sativa that’s not pure, but instead are hybrids that have the best of both strains, and this is something that can help. 

If you’re interested in finding out about a strain, talk to a budtender, since they can help you figure out the ideal strains possible for this. Remember though, the best strain may be trial and error. You might want to try a few of the different buds that are out there to figure out the best ones to work and figure out which ones are best for the job. With that said, try smoking today! 

The Easiest Strains for Beginner Growers to try

If you’ve been curious about growing cannabis, you’re not alone.  It’s important to understand though that not every strain has the same difficulty as others. It’s important to note this, since sme are more fragile, and require you to be mindful of mold, water intake, and even sunlight. Others are a lot more beginner-friendly in concept. In this, we’ll go over some of the best beginner growing cannabis strains for you to try out, especially if you want to take a stab at doing this. 

Blue Dream 

This is a widely popular strain and it’s one that’s great for those who are enthusiasts. This is a mix of Haze and blueberry, which are tow very well known strains in the cannabis world. It grows big, has pretty high yields, and the roots are sativa mostly. It also is best grown with scrobs, a PVC pipe that is able to hold the plant up. For newbies, this is something that is good if you’re the type to forget to water your plants. It also grows well in both outdoor and indoor environments, and this is great for cannabis plants which are thriving. 

Wedding cake 

While you probably think it’s that treat you get when someone gets married, it’s actually a really popular strain. It’s basically a cookies mixed with indica dominant strains, and it has a stout and short texture to this. You do get quality amounts of yields, and this is something that easy to manage, provided you prune to reduce the mold. It should definitely be a tasty treat. 

It is called this because of the trichomes that create a frost texture at the top, and it smells good too, a vanilla, citrus taste that’s similar to a glaze, and it’s something that’s appealing to many people.  It may be  little harder than Blue Dream, but it’s totally worth everything. 

Super Lemon  Haze

This is a strain that’s similar to lemons, and it’s also go ta bit of a sweet taste too. This is something that is combined from the Super Silver Haze, and the Lemon Skunk strains, both of which help to create a sweet, almost bitter taste. Because this is something that’s very sativa-focused, it’s better if you have this in a warm area that has a little bit of humidity. It’s still one of the most versatile strains though, and it grows in a ton of settings. 

It’s low-maintenance when it comes to the attention of this, but it does need room to grow in most cases. You can try scrogging to help control the height of this. Don’t let it get harvested immediately though, since it takes about nine weeks for it to reach the true flowering, and this is another sing it’s sativa in focus. 

GMO Cookies 

This is another odd strain, and it’s pretty much got some interesting scents to it. Cookies and garlic. This is one that has some other unique features too including buds that are a light green with little hairs that are orange, it’s sticky and dense, has a much larger yield, and the trichomes are some of the best for hash pressing. 

This is also good for both outdoor and indoor growing, but it’s important to ensure that you’re patient when you grow this, since it can take up to 10 weeks for flowering to be ready for it to get harvested. It’s got a great, unique flavor and some of the best highs out there. These strains are great for those who are interested in growing cannabis strains to use.

The impact of Weed on Women’s Wellness

For a lot of cannabis users, most of the time you don’t think about the demographics. But it was found that women are actually a part of up to 80% of the consumers in our current economy for weed today, which means that more and more women are looking at how they’re using their money, and using that ability to buy cannabis, and it’s good for not just recreational, but also treatment for different health problems too. 

Most know weed helps with sleeping better, reducing stress, along with anxiety and [pain, but did you know it can help women specifically with different conditions that affect them? let’s dive in to see just what cannabis can do for women’s health. 

Postpartum Depression 

This is a form of depression that happens after a woman has a child. It’s not cute and glamorous, but instead it’s something that’s not diagnosed very much. It results in depression, feeling sad, outbursts, anger, and even issues with sleeping and eating after a woman has birth. This isn’t just affecting the health of a mom, but the child too. 

But with cannabis, you can reduce these symptoms. Whether it’s CBD or THC, there are products out there that help a woman get better rest, and even helps to reduce depression and anxiety in some cases. Tinctures, gummies, and flower is something that can help you with postpartum depression, and also cannabis treatments. 


For a lot of women, menstrual cramps are not fun. They can be so debilitating that it affects your going to work, school, or doing anything, and it’s not fun, since it can cause you to not want to do anything. It can be even worse for those who have endometriosis or PCOS in terms of dealing with the pain. while you can cope with this through a heating pad and drinking a cup of tea, cannabis is another solution to this. 

According to some studies, it was found that THC actually is twenty times better in terms of anti-inflammatory compounds than the aspirin that’s there. Cannabis also doesn’t come with the same side effects that you may get when you take aspirin. There are some great options out there including tinctures, vaping the cannabis, or just smoking in general, since it’s good for PMS symptoms that are wreaking havoc on your body. 

Aphrodisiac properties 

Pomegranate juice, oysters, and all of those other so-called “aphrodisiacs are old hat, when instead, you’ve got cannabis that is actually better for your sex life. According to a study from the Journal of Medicine, they discovered that it actually does increase tour sex life by about 20% than those who don’t have it. 

It can uplift your rood, give you serious confidence, and also make you more excited for the activity. It also is great for those who want to have sex but are lacking in the sex drive area. It’s also good for those struggling with conception, since it usually stresses them out, and with this, you’ll be able to have some great effects that are positive and wholesome. 

Women also get a bit higher as well and a lot quicker than guys do. According to studies done, it was discovered that when they tested THC compounds on rats for an experiment, the female rats had a much smaller tolerance to the compounds in it compared to the male rats. What this means, is women don’t need as much to get the effects of this. While this is good, always take precautions with this, and also factor in weight, height, and how long you’ve been using cannabis products.